Revolutionising Local Infrastructure Planning: How a Team of Consultants Crafted A Game-Changing SaaS Solution

Revolutionising Local Infrastructure Planning: How a Team of Consultants Crafted A Game-Changing SaaS Solution

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Originally published in the Planning Institute of Australia’s The Agenda, Summer Edition 2023.  PIA’s The Agenda, Summer Edition 2023

“Saving time and money”, they’re the magic words that every local government and utility provider wants to hear. But for many, the management of infrastructure contributions, planning agreements, and infrastructure plan delivery is opaque, resource-intensive, and prone to costly errors. 

That’s why a group of consultants, hailing from town planning and engineering backgrounds, decided to build Novoplan – a purpose-built SaaS solution created with the sole purpose of addressing these challenges. Novoplan saves customers time and money whilst empowering them to deliver the infrastructure that is necessary for their communities to flourish. 

While consulting for various government bodies, Novoplan’s founders recognised a glaring void in the systems that were used to manage infrastructure contributions. From a collective desire to simplify the administration of these complex, but critical, business processes, came the creation of Novoplan – an off-the-shelf SaaS solution that is designed to comprehensively manage infrastructure contributions, planning agreements, and infrastructure plan delivery.

“It’s incredible to be a part of a journey that started as a small idea and has grown to become a critical business system for some of the largest authorities in the country,” notes Damon Ehlers, one of Novoplan’s founders and Director of Business Engagement.

“We saw the struggle that a lack of a fit-for-purpose solution was causing local governments and utilities providers. There was no transparency over the management of millions of dollars of infrastructure charges revenue. Errors, which were leading to significant financial losses, were rampant,” shares Alison Wolfenden, founder and Director of Product. “The critical need for a solution was clear.”

Recognising this market gap, the founders of Novoplan embarked on a journey to develop an all-encompassing solution tailored to the niche needs of infrastructure contribution management.

“We knew the market lacked a comprehensive solution targeted at this major issue, so we set out to create something truly bespoke,” notes Damon.

Novoplan enables users to streamline the administration of a complex business process. But it does much more than that. “Our solution doesn’t just reduce errors; it accelerates processes, providing efficient oversight and transparency over the whole lifecycle of infrastructure contributions,” says Alison, illustrating Novoplan’s profound impact on the day-to-day operations of its customers.

Since its inaugural release in 2018, Novoplan has undergone a remarkable evolution, solidifying its position as the most comprehensive infrastructure contribution management system in the market. Today, Novoplan’s customers span multiple authorities in Queensland and New South Wales.

“It has been a thrilling journey from acquiring our first customer in Townsville City Council to now having a group of customers who are managing over $400 million in annual contributions revenue through the Novoplan solution,” shares Damon.

However, Novoplan’s success is more than just statistics; it’s about the tangible transformation that these statistics represent. “Collectively, Novoplan saves our customers over $20 million every year which isn’t just a number for us. This $20 million increases the capacity of our customers to fund infrastructure projects that make a real difference to their communities,” expresses Alison, highlighting the real-world implications of their solution.

Beyond the software, Novoplan thrives on its relationships with its customers. “We see our clients as partners and we take the time to deeply understand their specific needs and goals. This is the foundation from which we are able to ensure they are realising the full spectrum of benefits our solution provides,” shares Damon.

Moreover, Novoplan remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and security. Novoplan operates with strict adherence to its ISO27001-certified information security management system, placing the highest priority on safeguarding the integrity and safety of both the Novoplan solution and customer data.

“Adhering to the highest information security standards is non-negotiable for us. Our customer’s trust is paramount,” asserts Owen Earley, founder and Director of Technology.

Novoplan maintains a firm focus on staying at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering a product that remains at the cutting edge of its field and adapts to ever-changing industry needs. 

“Being nominated for the PIA Award – Technology and Digital Innovation is an honor. At Novoplan, we look forward to undertaking ongoing innovation to unlock new efficiencies and successes for all customers, current and future.”

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