Why Novoplan?

Other business systems used by local and state authorities to manage infrastructure contributions fail to address the complexities associated with this important business function. These shortcomings have led to frustration, errors and inefficiencies, costing millions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity annually.

Novoplan has been developed specifically to address the complexities associated with managing infrastructure contributions, thereby removing these errors and inefficiencies from an organisation’s operation.

Unlike other infrastructure contribution business systems, Novoplan is:

1. Simple to use – Novoplan’s intuitive user interface and inbuilt GIS capabilities mean that users only need to know basic information about a development proposal to accurately identify and calculate applicable infrastructure contributions.

2. A reliable and transparent business system – Novoplan’s inbuilt review and approval processes reduce the risk of error. In addition, all decisions are recorded against user profiles providing a clear audit trail.

3. An efficient management platform – Novoplan provides complete oversight and enhanced reporting capabilities that enable organisational performance to be monitored.

Who developed Novoplan?

The original Novoplan concept was developed by PIE Solutions who are a Brisbane-based consultancy that specialise in infrastructure planning and charging with local and state authorities.

Whilst the team at PIE Solutions are still closely involved with Novoplan, the software is now managed, developed and marketed through a separate company (Novoplan Trading Pty Ltd).

Can Novoplan generate reports that satisfy statutory reporting requirements?

Yes – Novoplan has in built reporting that satisfies statutory reporting requirements under relevant legislation. Additional reporting can be configured in the application upon request.

Does Novoplan have a roadmap for new features and functionality?

Yes – we are continually adding new features and functionality to the Novoplan application based on user feedback.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to know more about our roadmap.

How does my organisation purchase Novoplan?

Novoplan is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and is subject to an annual subscription fee and a once off implementation fee.

How do I know my data will remain secure with Novoplan?

Novoplan is ISO27001 compliant and is scheduled to achieve certification by mid-2020.

Novoplan supports Single Sign On (SSO) and uses role-based access controls to ensure that client data is only accessible to authorised users in accordance with business requirements.

Client data is securely stored in separate Microsoft Azure SQL databases which are hosted, secured and geo-replicated at two locations within Australia. To provide an additional layer of data protection, each client database is backed up to an Australian based S3 bucket on Amazon Web Services (AWS) daily.

All Novoplan data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

The Novoplan application is also subject to regular independent penetration testing.

Can Novoplan integrate with third party systems?

Novoplan can integrate with third party property management, development assessment, document management, finance and receipting business systems through its API.

This enables infrastructure contributions processes to be integrated with wider business processes and workflows and facilitates the automatic exchange of data between business systems.

Novoplan supports Single Sign On (SSO).

How much training do I need to use Novoplan?

User training is a standard component of the implementation of Novoplan. Our preferred approach to user training is to ‘train the trainer’. This involves the Novoplan team providing training to nominated client administrators who subsequently provide training to client user groups. This enables client administrators to tailor user group training to the specific terminology and procedures of the client, resulting in faster and more comprehensive take up of the application.

It has been our experience that Novoplan is easily navigated by new users. In most cases, new users have been able to navigate and use the application with little direct guidance and minimal interaction with Novoplan user help.

Additional and ongoing user training can also be provided on request.

Is user support included with a Novoplan subscription?

User support is provided as a standard inclusion within a Novoplan subscription.

Requests for user support can be logged by client administrators via telephone (business hours only) or through an online user support portal. Users are provided with updates on support tickets via the online user support portal.

Ticket response times are determined by the severity of the issue being raised and standard service levels.

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