Better councils build better communities with Novoplan.

An introduction to Novoplan

When local and state authorities approve development in their community, they collect contributions from the developer to help pay for infrastructure such as water, roads, sewerage and parks. Next to rates, these contributions are their biggest income stream.

For these organisations, calculating these contributions and tracking who pays what, when and how that money is spent is complex and time consuming.

Novoplan is a comprehensive web application that makes this job easier.

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Novoplan saves money

Up to 4% of total annual revenue from infrastructure contributions is routinely lost due to calculation and tracking errors. Novoplan removes these errors.

Novoplan provides transparency

Infrastructure contributions and development activity data can be quickly converted into reports and visualisations.

Novoplan increases productivity

Complex tasks and calculations are automated which frees up skilled staff to determine what infrastructure needs to go where.

Why Novoplan?

Other business systems used by local and state authorities to manage infrastructure contributions fail to address the complexities associated with this important business function. These shortcomings have led to frustration, errors and inefficiencies, costing millions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity annually.

Novoplan has been specifically developed to manage these complexities, thereby removing errors and inefficiencies. This means Novoplan users spend less time worrying about the administration of infrastructure contributions and more time budgeting and planning accurately for the infrastructure that is needed to service a growing city.

Latest news & success stories

EDQ Goes Live With Novoplan

A Queensland Government agency will this week get greater control over more than $60 million in infrastructure charges it receives each year. Economic Development Queensland,

Townsville Applauds Novoplan

The Townsville City Council has applauded the implementation of the Novoplan software which will help it track and report on about $15 million a year

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